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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  September 4, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. tonight an iraq war veteran is accused of soliciting a 12- year-old girl for sex. the new details we learned in court today and why the defense says there's more to this story. >> you saw if first on fox 5, prosecutors say this video proves a prince george's county
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officer lied about a confrontation that landed a teenager in jail for months. tonight we are analyzing that evidence. >> local leaders playing a prominent role in the first full day of the democratic national convention. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. we'll begin with the first court appearance for a car veteran accused of a disturbing -- a war veteran accused of a disturbing crime. nathan portnoy is the soldier in the virginia national guard recently recognized for his heroic actions during the summer's derecho storm. fox 5's laura evans has the top story tonight. >> this was the same guy who made news on june 29th during the derecho for performing cpr on a man in falls church hit by electric wires that came down in the storm. many called him a hero. now prosecutors argue he's a sexual predator, but today his defense attorney insisted the prosecutors got it wrong. it was around dinner time
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august 24th. police say nathan portnoy kidnapped a 12-year-old girl outside her bethesda neighborhood. according to court document, portnoy pointed a gun at the girl's sister and boyfriend chasing him. it may sound like an open and shut case, but portnoy's defense attorney says there is much more to this story. >> this is a great guy. >> reporter: portnoy was described in court as a-month- old citizen. he works as a -- model citizen. works as a lab assistant at walter reed and takes care of his mother who has cancer. at a bond hearing dozens showed up to support portnoy. kemp, his attorney, said the two met on a social networking site. the girl told him he was at least 20 years old. he was duped. >> it shows the dangers of the use of social networking not just by a minor child who could get molested or assaulted but by an adult who could get placed in this situation. >> reporter: according to ketch, the girl got in and out of -- kemp, the girl got in and
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out of portnoy's car on her own and there was no sexual conduct. >> no attempt to restrain her no, threat no, force, no nothing and he lets her off right at her house. there is not one element of kidnapping. it is, if anything, the opposite of kidnapping. >> reporter: but the prosecution says the two were alone for at least 10 minutes and there was sexual activity. they also say police found zip ties, condoms, handcuffs and a ski mask in portnoy's car. what portnoy knew about the girl's age will be key in the case. >> the allegation that i didn't know her age or it had been misrepresented is not something uncommon to us in terms of something we have to deal with in these cases. >> as for the use of the gun, his attorney says he had the gun, port any did, legally, that he had just fin -- portnoy did, legally, that he had just finished training in the national guard and was feeling threatened because he was being followed by the girl's family and boyfriend and brandished it in self-defense according to his attorney.
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the bond was set at $1 million, but today it was reduced to $300,000. the next court date is set for september 28th for preliminary hearing. >> tropical humidity around for a third day, looks like it will continue tomorrow as well, could mean heavy rain. sue palka in the fox 5 weather center with the latest. when will we kick this out of here? >> it looks like it will stay unsettled. part of the problem is we're still dealing with the left over circulation of what was hurricane isaac. this is two weeks and this thing is still floating around. tonight we're just seeing spotty showers and storms, but i'm going to keep them in the forecast overnight. they may redevelop tomorrow. if you've been outside, you know how humid it is. there's a lot of moisture available to be tapped on. to sentinel radar, a sweep around the region. all those green areas to the north are flash flood warnings for southeastern pennsylvania, northern delaware, portions of new jersey, nothing for us and there's not much showing up
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now, a little bit down around charlottesville moving up toward culpeper, nothing too heavy. another view to our south, we'll watch and see if some of this southern moisture tries to clip our southern suburbs and we're watching the line moving away from pittsburgh coming across south central pennsylvania that. could produce spotty showers here and there, but the big deal will be anything that develops tomorrow and i think there will be a little more than today could really drop some heavy rain, an inch or so, and we know flash flooding could pop up here and there localized, but it causes its problems. we'll watch for slow moving downpours to develop. i'll let you know who has the best chance of seeing that and what time we expect those to develop during the day tomorrow. d.c. water says it will help pay to install pack flow preventers in homes affected by repeated -- back flow preventers in homes affected by repeated floods in the district to sewage doesn't back up into the house this. comes after sunday heavy rains
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flooded the bloomingdale neighborhood again for the fourth time in two months. d.c. water says it will pay 90% of the cost and installation. it is first lady michelle obama's big night at the democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolina. on this first night of business she's joined by a group of big names from our area. fox 5's tom fitzgerald is following it all, maryland and virginia sharing some of that spotlight tonight. >> you look at this schedule. this stands to be the most maryland and virginia centric night of the democratic convention. in addition to the first lady maryland governor martin o'malley, house minority leader steny hoyer and former virginia governor tim kaine have all addressed the crowd and o'malley is making his second appearance now. their messages all echo each other. in their words the country is making progress and from their perspective this onvention is important to returning barack obama to the white house. >> while we've made progress we still have a long way to go and we'll only get there if we
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elect leaders who put results over ideology. i support president obama because he's that kind of a leader. >> in these times of national challenge and profound choice we're really proud to have contributed to what we anticipate will be a great democratic victory in november. >> we know that this will be a well run, orderly and successful convention. [ cheering and applause ] >> and that we will nominate the next president and vice president of the united states of america. let's get on with a wonderful convention. >> joining us now from the democratic national convention in charlotte, north carolina, fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin. mark, i want to start with this issue of healthcare because it was paramount tonight. at one point an emotional speech and film by a mother by the name of stacy lynn, her daughter zoe has a congenital
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heart defect. democrats are not running from the issue of what republicans call obamacare are not tonight they appear to be embracing it. >> reporter: you're absolutely right, tom. they're not shying away. they're using it as something that's affirmative. they're talking about seven presidents in 90 years tried to get this done. they're talking about preexistinnditions. they're talking about lifetime cams. they're trying to talk about a new -- caps. they're trying to talk about a new world that makes it more secure for all americans. the big cheer was for julian castro, mayor of san antonio, who is giving the keynote right now and so also they showed a video of ted kennedy debating mitt romney in the 1994 senate race and how kennedy championed healthcare. so instead of being in different or ignoring, theorizing this issue to the top. >> let's talk about d.c. voting rights. you had a moment to talk to new
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jersey newark mayor cory booker tonight who is on the platform come tee. what did he say about why this was left off the platform, d.c. statehood? >> reporter: he was very candid. he said it was a contested issue and the higher-ups did not want it in the platform. he personally was in favor of it. he was the co-chair of the platform committee. so it goes to show you that this was directed by the white house. they just felt it was in cory booker's words contentious, that is, that it would draw votes away. >> quickly a few moments ago martin o'malley governor of maryland walked off the stage behind you. a lot of speak have been speculating he may be a candidate himself in four years. >> reporter: may be? tom, not maybe. he will be a candidate. you can bet on it. he was very well received and he doesn't mind going after mitt romney. he's the head of the democratic governors association.
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when i asked ike leggett, chair of the montgomery county, where is governor o'malley? he pointed to all the news studios. every one of them, that's where he is. so he's doing his audition. this is his new haven for broadway. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin joining us from the democratic convention in charlotte, north carolina. thank you. shawn, we'll continue with our coverage this evening. michelle obama, the first lady of the united states, is coming up in a little while. >> we know you'll have much more on that later. republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan stopped in two key battleground state today, first ohio then iowa driving home his point about the national debt which now tops $16 trillion. >> this is a serious threat to our economy. of all the broken promises from president obama, this is probably the worst one because this debt is threatening jobs today. it's threatening prosperity today and it is guaranteeing
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that our children and grandchildren get a diminished future. >> that was paul ryan pushing the gop theme of whether voters are better off today than four years ago. his running mate mitt romney was in vermont preparing for the upcoming presidential debate. the feds claim the new osama bin laden book that hits store shelves today contains classified information. what's next for the navy seal author? we dive into the developing controversy. >> plus you saw this video first on fox 5. investigators say it proves a prince george's county police officer lied, a closer look at the evidence next. >> later on the news edge remembering a young boy and his grandmother killed in a crash near jiffy lube live, why their family hopes their legacy leaves a message for lawmakers at 11:00. h we have we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. now to a steer you saw first on fox 5 -- a story you saw first on fox 5 that centers around surveillance video showing a prince george's county police officer striking a teen-ager. investigators say the video contradicts the officer's story first told to his superiors. the teenager spent nearly four months in jail as a result. fox 5's karen gray houston is
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in the newsroom with the update. >> that police officer is corporal donald taylor indicted last month for allegedly lying when he claimed his gun discharged during a struggle with 19-year-old ryan dorm who he said was aggressively resisting arrest. we showed that video tonight to a prominent defense attorney for some insight. the action on the surveillance video is dramatic. you see ryan dorm approached from behind. the officer's gun is drawn. ryan is struck in the head. you see a flash as the gun goes off. ted williams is a veteran civil rights attorney who said something is wrong with this picture. >> i hope that if this video was authentic and euploid on this young man that he never -- and he lied on this young man that he never wears the badge of a police officer in the county or anywhere in the united states or elsewhere. >> i'm not resisting. i wasn't doing anything wrong. >> in our story that aired saturday dorm and his lawyer expressed anger and outrage at the turn of events.
10:16 pm
>> i heard a shot and seen a flash and i felt something. so i thought i was dead actually. >> he didn't just assault my client and violate his civil rights, but he made up a story to right false charges against my client. >> it all started on a cold february night. ryan says he and a friend went to the convenience store at the lowest price gas station on rhode island avenue in brentwood. police noticed his friend had on a ski mask and thought the two intended to rob the store. >> me and my friend were just going to the gas station to get a snack. >> he says police grabbed his friend. not looking for trouble, ryan who was on probation for a previous assault arrest, says he left the store and headed home. the circumstances may have appeared suspicious, but was a chase and violent arrest warranted? >> if the officer lied in his report and that is verified and authenticated by the video, then whatever happened before does not matter. >> we asked police for comment
10:17 pm
but were referred to their august 3rd press conference and the announcement that corporal taylor's police powers had been suspended and that he was placed on administrative duty. ted williams says he expects prince george's county will settle the $10 million civil suit that ryan dorm filed. he also says the maximum normally awarded for civil rights violations would be about $300,000. the county executive's office deferred comment to police. as for corporal taylor, his lawyer says they won't comment on the criminal or civil charges in this case outside of the courtroom. the baltimore area teen who police say shot a classmate on the first day of school is being charged as an adult. a grand jury indicted 15-year- old robert gladden on 29 counts of attempted murder, first degree assault and reckless endangerment. prosecutors say gladden fired two rounds from a shotgun he took to perry hall high school and critically wounded 17-year- old daniel borowy.
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his father says his son is recovering. no easy day, the book that chronicles the raid that killed osama bin laden hit store she feels today, not without controversy and possible -- shelves today not without controversy and possible punishment for the former navy seal who wrote it. the pentagon says the book contains classified information and may file charges against the book's author. he recently gave an interview to 60 minutes that was posted on its website in which his voice was altered and his identity disguised. he explained the seals were told to capture osama bin laden if they could. >> this was absolutely not a kill only mission. it was made very clear to us throughout our training for that that hey, if given the opportunity this is not an assassination. you will capture him alive if feasible. >> joining us now to talk about the book's release is major general john altenberg. thank you for coming in, sir.
10:19 pm
it sounded like when this book came out initially the white house was pleased with it because it cast president obama in a positive light particularly going into the election year and one of his greatest achievements in office in killing bin laden and now it looks like because it doesn't cast him necessarily in some of the best light in some of the details now the pentagon is going after this navy seal. what's the deal with the politics in all this? >> i don't see it as political personally and i don't see it as being that different from the orange version that came out, quite frank -- original version that came out, quite frankly. that's just my view. i think they're going after him or if they are is because he may have broken the law. >> is it because he's putting aside all he's sworn to uphold? >> i don't know how much he'll benefit. he said most of the proceeds would go to charities that would support troops, but most of what figure would mean there might be a substantial benefit to him, also. >> do you get the sense we are going to learn classified
10:20 pm
information, things that perhaps would harm the nation? >> i think that's possible. i mean if somebody has already looked at it in the pentagon and said it has classified information, then i'd assume that's an accurate statement. my own view is he shouldn't have written the book in the first place. once he wrote it, he should have submitted it for review and if he, in fact, revealed classified information, then they should probably take some action against him maybe both criminal and civil. >> do you get the sense that navy seals in particular and the intelligence men and women in our military who i think in many respects are a cut above when it comes to upholding the secrets of the nation because of the sensitive information they deal with, do you get the sense that this guy is sort of an outlyer and the vast majority in his position would not have tried to have written a book? >> absolutely.
10:21 pm
i think there's always some that would do what he did and i'm sure there's some retired people and ex-military people who if don't applaud what he did think it's okay, but i think the vast majority of military people generally and special operations forces in particular disapprove of what he did. >> thanks for coming in, general. >> thanks. coming up frustration mounting in areas of the gulf coast as the clean-up after hurricane isaac continues. >> but up first check out this nats fan. he ended up snagging a home run ball while holding onto his baby girl. i'm sorry, i was told it was a boy. we're going to hear about the catch, definitely a boy there. we'll hear about the catch coming up next. ♪
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the nationals or a roll and with only 27 games heft they have to keep it up.
10:25 pm
lynn -- left they have to keep it up. lindsay murphy is here with more. >> they got 82 last night and nobody really wanted to talk about it. so all the reporters before the game today were bucking them what did you guys think about this -- bugging them what did you think about this? they were like we'd like to win 27 more. it started with their second game against the chicago cubs and the nationals got started early. they kept it up throughout the game so far, bottom of the 1st ian desmond at the plate with jayson werth on first. the shortstop crushes one to deep right center field. not many fans there, not sure why. two-run home run, his 20th of the year, nats lead 2 -0. bottom of the 2nd, now 3-0. desmond, two runners on and to the base of the wall in left field. two runs score. right now the nationals are leading 11-5 still in the 8th inning. you might have seen this saturday night here on fox. the cards and nats, matt
10:26 pm
holliday with a home run to center and watch the stairway. what would you do if that was your husband holding your child? >> i'd yell at him. >> super dad, adam thomas from chevy chase. his son is sullivan. he said he did it safely and made sure the ball was not going too fast. it's a great play, a great souvenir and a great moment for these two. >> we were sitting out at the restaurant in the outfield. matt holliday came up to the plate and hit a home run and it bounced out on the stairs near where we were sitting and slowing down enough that i felt like i could try to grab it without him in any danger and i jumped up and i grabbed the ball. i grabbed this ball right here and it was solomon's first baseball game he's ever been to. so someday when he's older i'll show him the ball and the video and i'll be able to tell him about the first game he ever went to. >> looks like he has a little strasburg in there.
10:27 pm
>> i love how the kid was saying ma, ma, did you see what dad did? >> he has it on video so they can watch it when he's old enough to really understand it. >> right. not many people catch balls at a ballgame. got to be pretty lucky. thanks. coming up why d.c. mayor vincent gray's campaign investigation could affect his trip to the dnc. >> plus anger and frustration as the clean-up from hurricane isaac continues, why some say their safety was sacrificed for the protection of new orleans. okay, here's the plan.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. new details about the wrath of isaac. emergency officials in louisiana released the first damage estimates showing isaac damaged at least 13,000 homes in the state mostly from flooding. one week later thousands still under water in the dark. fox's casey steigel has the latest from louisiana. >> reporter: massive piles of
10:31 pm
soaked garbage lining the streets of this neighborhood in st. john the baptist parish in louisiana. items that used to fill the homes here are now trash after isaac doused the region. folks ripping the walls off their homes trying to remove the mold that has already started to grow. many are angry claiming new orleans was protected at their expense. >> be nice if they would have put levee protection around our area as well as new orleans. all they did was protect new orleans. they didn't protect the outer lying areas. so the water had nowhere to go. so it had to come this way. >> reporter: tens of thousands are still without power. most of those are in louisiana. crews are out trying to get every 1 back online. -- everyone back online. from the air the extent of the flooding can be fully realized. low lying areas remain underwater with some folks taking refuge on rooftops. thousands of evacuees remain in shelters or with friends and relatives. folks allowed to return home
10:32 pm
expect a long clean-up job ahead of them. >> i understand we had 3 feet of water john stairs. i understand there's a lot --down stairs. i understand there's a lot of damage. >> reporter: neighboring mississippi suffering similar damage. volunteers from a local church are pitching in to help clean up, homeowners hoping to salvage something facing a harsh reality. >> it's all completely gone. it's just toast. >> reporter: president obama visited some of the hardest hit areas of the region yesterday vowing that the federal government is here for the long haul to help these victims. in bell chase, louisiana, casey -- belle chase, louisiana, casey steigel, fox news. new details emerging about the investigation of d.c. mayor vincent gray's 2010 campaign. confirm their investigation continues. they made that statement during a status hearing today for thomas gore who was an assistant treasurer for the campaign and who has already pled guilty to wrongdoing. fox 5 peace matt ackland has the story.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: minutes after what was called a status hearing thomas gore came out of the courthouse and ran past our camera. you'll recall earlier this year gore, a gray campaign worker, pleaded guilty to involvement in a scam to pay sulaimon brown to verbally attack former mayor adrian fenty. >> is there anything you want to say? >> reporter: he had nothing to say, but inside the courtroom the u.s. attorney's office indicated gore continued to work with prosecutors and they needed more time to continue that work before setting a sentencing hearing. gore could be granted leniency for his cooperation. >> we are just in this until it's over. you can't do anything except live with it. >> reporter: meanwhile these are twitter pictures of mayor gray at the democratic national convention in north carolina. we asked political analyst leonard steinhorn if the
10:34 pm
investigation into gray's campaign will prompt some high level democrats at the dnc to avoid the mayor and charlotte. >> all elected officials shouldn't be ashamed to be talking with the elected official and mayor of one of the most important cities in this world, but the fact that he's under investigation, people do not want nobody that photo op because they know how it can be used, abused and taken out of context. >> reporter: back to thomas gore a moment, a judge today set another status hearing for december. meanwhile it's important to point out mayor gray has said since the beginning of this investigation that he has known of no wrongdoing inside his campaign. in the district matt ackland, fox 5 news. there are several other corruption hearings coming up. former d.c. council chair kwame brown will be sentenced september 20th on bank charge fraud and campaign finance violation. howard brooks was a consultant for the gray campaign.
10:35 pm
he will be sentenced for funneling illegal contributions to sulaimon brown and jeannie clark harris on charges she helped organize a shadow campaign to get mayor gray elected. back to school for thousands of children in northern virginia, but for many parents in arlington the school year is getting off on the wrong foot because of a stricter transportation policy that decides who should walk and who should ride the bus. elementary children who live a mile from school and middle and high schoolers who live a mile and a half away have to walk. some parents say that's too far. >> i may be overprotective but a mile from our place, i'm sketched out for a kindergartner. >> the school says the policy evolves from long travel times and delays. fairfax county kids attending a brand-new building at south county middle lorton. there have been upticks in
10:36 pm
enrollment which is why south county was built. coming up bizarre new claims about tom cruise's love life, talking confidentiality agreements and auditions. >> the benefits of eating organic, some say it's important. a new study says maybe not. i'm beth parker. i'll tell you about it come thing up. 16 trillion counting, our national debt crossing the $16 trillion mark for the first time ever. more than 5 trillion coming since president obama took office. meanwhile a chilly summer for the economy, a key report saying manufacturing activity shrank for the third straight month in august. readings on manufacturing orders, production and employment all falling and construction spending also falling, a big drop in home improvement projects in july putting a halt to three straight monthly gains. toys r us is thinking about christmas. the toy store is now waiving
10:37 pm
its lay-away fees and getting rid of minimum purchase requirements as it tries to drum up more holiday shopping business. and there is one person spending more during this slow economy, the tooth fairy. according to a new survey kids finding an average of $3 under their pillows per tooth. that's up 15% from last year. some kids receiving up to 20 bucks per tooth, no word if those were filled with gold. that's business. i'm adam shapiro.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.  president clinton: this election to me is about which... candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republican plan is to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from...
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the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it only works if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with his plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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fox 5 is tracking the stories that are trending tonight, up first a bombshell on tom cruise and his love life. vanity fair reports cruise and
10:41 pm
his friends and the scientology church methodically tried to find him a new wife. one of the women were told to make physical changes and forced to reveal changes of her sex high of and she had to sign several confident -- life and she had to sign several confidentiality agreements to date cruise and cruise reportedly dumped her without telling her why. the fbi disputes a group's claim that it stole personal information. the group called anti-sex said it got 12 million id numbers that can be tracked back to the owners. the fbi said it never had those numbers. the agency arrested several hackers tied to that anti-sec group earlier this year. we may get our first look at apple's new iphone 5 this week. insiders say the new phone will
10:42 pm
be taller and contain upgrades to both hardware and software and yes, siri. the mechanical voice is expected to be part of the new i phone expected to go on sale a week or two after it debuts. tonight on the news edge remembering a mother and grandmother killed in a car crash near jiffy lube live. >> and the assault of a capitol hill husband and father remains unsolved while another tack puts that neighborhood on edge -- attack puts that neighborhood on edge, details at 11:00. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100.
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abut it'll become so much more. concrete andnd steel... a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. have you gone organic with your grocery list? in the last 10 years or so money consumers have spent on or gang food has skyrocketed. -- organic food has skyrocketed. >> reporter: two apples, one organic, one isn't. look at them and you really can't tell one from the other. now scientists say when it
10:46 pm
comes to eating organic, there may not be much difference there either. >> in our study we did not find substantial differences nutritional consent it of organic compar ed -- content of organic compared to traditional food. >> reporter: their work found no major nutritional benefit to eating organic. over at healthy bites organic carryout on georgia avenue northwest they first wondered who paid for the study. the answer? just stanford, no outside funding. >> the vegetarian lasagne. >> reporter: it won't stop healthy bite's owner from serving up a mostly organic menu. >> in my personal opinion what you put in your mouth every day is the most important decision that you make and when you're eating well, you definitely feel different. i mean you what are you eat. >> reporter: jeff blum is a customer. he's having meals delivered. >> i like three days a week would be great.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: he relies on his friend's advice who is a scientist. >> his advice to us is buy food that looks good to you. if it's organic food that looks great, buy that. if the conventional looks better, buy that and just wash everything really well. >> some people would say broccoli is broccoli. it still has the same nutrition, but for me organic is a personal choice for myself and my clients because i personally believe that we shouldn't be ingesting all the pesticides, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, all these things that are in conventional foods. >> we did find that organic produce was 30 percent less likely to be contaminated by pesticide residues. >> reporter: that may be enough to keep the sale of organics hot. in washington beth parker, fox 5 news. >> we could be in for another brutal winter this year. the nation's second oldest almanac is forecasting heavy snowstorms for the mid-atlantic
10:48 pm
region. the 2013 almanac from hagerstown predicts the first snowfall could arrive as early as november 28th. it includes a possibility for snow through the end of march. the almanac says the predictions are based on the size of a developing el nino in the pacific ocean. i'm hoping the hagerstown almanac doesn't know what it's talking. about. >> it's wrong. >> they'll never admit it if they are. >> right. come on now. i thought we were supposed to have warmer temperatures further into the year. >> we probably will. it's 82 degrees tonight. i think the problem with forecasting winter in september is that we really don't see the pattern setting up just yet. a lot of people forecasted a really bad winter last year and we had 2 inches. >> you don't have your accuweather seven-month forecast on tap? >> i'm sure we'll be rolling that out to our benefit, but if an el nino develops, typically that does mean above average snow for us. >> i hope el nino is silent out there. >> you want a no nino winter. >> shawn's prediction is out. e-mail her if you don't get
10:49 pm
what you want this year. winter predictions will be flying. it almost sounds good to talk about winter because it's so tropical tonight it's almost hard to catch your breath outside. we'll start with sentinel radar. while we have a couple spotty showers, nothing widespread. it was heavy to our north tonight. so all these counties here through pennsylvania filled out in green. those are flash flood warnings. anything additional could cause streams and creeks to rise. just a couple spotty things down here. what they're watching up through pennsylvania and why these flash flood warnings are flying is because this batch is headed across saturated areas. so if you're driving up harrisburg and points east, watch for floodwaters tomorrow because streams and creeks will probably be pretty full. we'll watch this line, could bring an isolated shower or rumble of thunder later, not widespread. we're watching down to our south. notice how some of these showers have been coming up from the charlottesville area, although they tend to be scattering out but an isolated
10:50 pm
shower from the south could be possible as well. they're heavier down through virginia, but i wanted to show you a piece of what was left of isaac broke off from the main remnants still up over the great lakes here and this little feature down around new orleans and louisiana obviously into alabama, once again maybe headed for the gulf of mexico and the hurricane center is keeping an eye on that bit of moisture. could it develop into something? probably would have a hard time because this is going to be increasing win down there, but what it does -- wind down there, but what it does is provides a lot of source moisture that gets funneled up through the mid-atlantic. meanwhile today 89 degrees and that sounds cool when you look at some of this ridiculous heat once again in the middle part of the country, lower mississippi river valley 99 in little rock. a lot of people don't have power there because of the flash floods. now they're dealing with the heat and humidity, 101 degrees in dallas, 98 wichita, 102 for lincoln, a lot of hot air in
10:51 pm
the middle part of the country. we'll stay on the warm side tomorrow. it's still warm now at 82 degrees. quantico is 85, frederick 79, dulles 79 degrees, but these dew point numbers are oppressive. whenever you see the dew point at or above 70, it's very uncomfortable. that's where we reside tonight. that's why any showers and storms that develop tomorrow have lots of atmospheric juice and near going to be slow movers and -- they're going to be slow movers and rain a lot in one spot. we'll have slow moving showers and storms tomorrow, probably a few more than we had today. that's some remnants of isaac sliding through. we'll squeeze out a few more showers and storms. we have a hot day thursday with a break and another front trying to squeeze through friday. so a couple of fronts to deal with and a little leftover isaac moisture means maybe a couple spotty showers overnight. i think the best chance for showers are tomorrow afternoon and south of d.c., not so much north but south, maybe heavier
10:52 pm
rain through central virginia and the pattern will be very similar when we roll into friday. so here is your fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. 87 tomorrow with some scattered but heavy downpours, again an inch of rain could drop wherever you get it but not everywhere. it looks like a warm one for us thursday at 90 and we'll keep again spotty showers going into the weekend. maybe even a bit more unsettled this weekend as temperatures drop to the low 80s. there's going to be a bit of a cutoff low in the great lakes sending little bits of energy around. we won't be talking about a rainfall deficit for a while, looks like we'll be making up ground the next few days. we have an exciting day tomorrow in d.c. dr. oz will be at howard university college of medicine giving preselected residents a 15 minute physical. we will have live coverage throughout the day and it is too late for you to sign up, so don't go down and just try to show up. the physicals are for people who are preregistered to participate.
10:53 pm
a developing story out west where crews are battling wildfires across several states, millions of acres already destroyed. fox's adam housely looks into what the disasters are. >> reporter: it continues to be a rough fire season across the west, hot dry temperatures and winds stoking fires in many western states, fire burning governor glendora california has consumed more than 4,000 acres. >> i couldn't even sleep last night, woke up at 4:00 in the morning. everything was aglow. >> reporter: firefighters have 21 aircraft and more than 400 personnel fighting the fire in san gabriel canyon which began sunday in a campground. the cause is under investigation, but 10,000 people over the holiday weekend were evacuate the. they normally go up there and camp and do outdoor activities, but firefighters needed access to get to this fire and the people were evacuated from the area. this fire burning not near homes, but it's close enough that residents do worry about where it may go.
10:54 pm
>> some people have absolutely no other place to go that are here. they're making it just barely. >> reporter: there are also three big idaho wildfires as well as red flag warnings in wyoming. so far this year more than 7 million acres have burned, well above the average of 5.4 million. in utah, for example, the costs have mounted. the state says they estimate to pay $16 million this fire season. they only allocated 3 million. in washington state they expected to pay about 11 million. they'll pay nearly 20 million fighting fires and in montana the state's share there is about $25 million this fire season. as the nights get shorter and the humidity comes up, the other western state says their wildfire risk goes down, but in california the santa ana winds have not yet come and while california is in the middle of fire season the hard part is usually end of september into october and california says it could be a very long fall season. adam housley, fox news. coming up next a mysterious
10:55 pm
message in a bottle found washed up on the beach, why the person who found it is having a hard time figuring out where it came from. >> and the uproar surrounding a risque mural of a nude woman next on the news edge at 11:00. [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate
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this next story has people talking in florida. a message in a bottle washed up onshore on satellite beach. the woman who found the bottle was trying to track down the person who wrote the message. fox's tom johnson has the latest. >> reporter: amy nieman hit the sand at satellite beach recently to celebrate. >> we came out here for a blue moon party. >> reporter: a rarity seen only every two or three years. >> 15 friends all in a circle on the beach with food and drink and we were just waiting for the moon to rise. >> reporter: a great time with no expectation of anything unusual. as the party rolled on amy and
10:59 pm
her husband took a stroll down to the water's en. when she got there, she felt something -- edge. when she got there, she felt something bump up against her foot. when she reached down, she made perhaps the most interesting discovery of her entire life. >> i look down and there's a bottle on my foot. >> reporter: clear glass encrusted with barnacles. >> i just picked it up and noticed this was something white inside of it and i thought no. this is not a message in a bottle. >> reporter: but that's exactly what it was. the message inside written in what's most likely spanish. >> my biggest fear was somebody needed help and i was trying desperately to find someone to translate it. >> reporter: she even called a friend in the fbi. the handwriting is so bad, though, no one can figure it out completely, but it is written to someone specific. >> it's written to the goddess of the sea yamaya. >> reporter: brought to cuba in the old slave trade from west africa, the letter even mentions the west african


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